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Working Paper Series

Our working paper series aims to draw together IVR's learning and provide a theoretically informed overview of some of the critical issues around volunteering in a series of working papers. Our first two working papers are available to download below. 

Working paper one: definitions of volunteering 

Angela Ellis Paine, Matthew Hill and Colin Rochester (2010)

'A rose by any other name…’ Revisiting the question: what exactly is volunteering?
The first working paper of our series examines what is understood by the term volunteering and attempts to develop a definitive and practical definition.

Working paper two: historical developments in volunteering before 1960 

Georgina Brewis (2013)

'Towards a new understanding of volunteering in England before 1960'
This paper explores the history of volunteering before the 1960s in England; an era which is frequently taken to be the start of the modern volunteering movement.


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