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The Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR) is a world-class research and consultancy agency specialising in volunteering.

We undertake research, consultancy and evaluation projects to help improve policy and practice.

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And thanks so much to the Volunteer Centres who have already completed the annual return, it's massively appreciated!
We've extended the deadline for our Annual Return of Vol Centres to the end of May - we'd love to hear from you! http://t.co/56klIWbSqj
@Street_League Hi: we're surveying impact of austerity on sports groups and charities. Please share if interested! http://t.co/Ze7ChFHfp2

What does co-production in museums look like?
We're working with Wardown Park museum in Luton to evaluate and assess the impact of their People's Museum project.  

What's the impact of volunteers in care giving?
Find out more about our work with Carer's Resource to evaluate their new programme 'Caring Communities Count'. 

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