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Impact of the Third Sector as SOcial INnovation (ITSSOIN)


The ITSSOIN project – funded by the European Commission – is based on the assumption that the core contribution and main impact of the third sector on socio-economic development lies in the creation of social innovation, something that the consortium believes that it is best placed to deliver. 


The project will explore the impact of the third sector and civic engagement on society as a whole, focusing on the role of social innovation in developing this impact. The project aims to build a set of testable hypotheses that relate to the third sector‘s key characteristics, including:

  • strong value sets
  • persistent multi-stakeholder constellations
  • the mobilisation of multiple resources.


The fields ITSSOIN will study across nine countries are:

  • arts and culture
  • social services and health
  • environmental sustainability
  • consumer protection in finance
  • work integration and community development.

The project will run from March 2014 until February 2017 and is led by the University of Heidelberg.

IVR is a network partner in the project and will support its development through strategically advising the development of work-packages and attending consortium meetings.


For further information please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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