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Blog posts by IVR, and other staff at NCVO, address issues of keen interest to policy makers and practitioners within volunteering research. They seek to challenge some of the commonly held ideas about volunteering within public debate. Authors can offer their own perspectives on issues of the day, while grounding their thinking in the research evidence.

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NCVO staff comment on a range of issues facing the sector.
  • Volunteering round-up: September 2016
    New government investment in youth social action The government and the Big Lottery Fund have announced two new funds to create new opportunities for young...
  • Volunteering round-up: August 2016
    Volunteering benefits all ages But we need to talk about volunteering by older people In response to the Daily Telegraph headline ‘Volunteering is not beneficial...
  • Let’s not forget that volunteering benefits all ages
    This morning the University of Southampton published a new study which found that volunteering has a relationship with people’s wellbeing, but only in later life....
  • Volunteering round-up: July 2016
    No change in rates of volunteering in England The latest results from the government’s Community Life Survey (2015/16) show that rates of volunteering remain similar...

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