Helping Out - A national survey of volunteering and charitable giving

The report details the main findings from a national survey of volunteering and charitable giving carried out by the National Centre for Social Research in partnership with the Institute for Volunteering Research in 2006/07.

For the survey, a sub-sample of respondents to the previous 2005 Citizenship Survey was interviewed. This allowed certain groups of particular interest to the study to be over-sampled to ensure sufficient numbers for more detailed analysis (e.g. volunteers, ethnic minority respondents). The main starting points for the questionnaire design were the 1997 National Survey of Volunteering and 2005 Citizenship Survey.

Fieldwork ran from the end of October 2006 until the middle of February 2007. In total, 2,156 respondents wereinterviewed for the core sample.

The report contains data on a range of areas including the extent of formal volunteering, who volunteers, what volunteers do, routes into volunteering, the organisation of volunteering, the benefits and drawbacks of volunteering, the limitations of volunteering and employer supported volunteering. The report also contains data on charitable giving.

A range of research bulletins were published using the data from the survey, which are also available on the Evidence Bank.

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