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How many people take part in employer-supported volunteering?

In 2008/09 more than two million people in England volunteered through an employer-supported volunteering scheme. A quarter (25%) of employees are offered a scheme by their employer, with 43% of those offered a scheme taking part at least once in the last year. 

Source: 2008/09 DCLG Citizenship Survey (PDF, 1.92MB)

Proportion of people taking part in employer-supported volunteering, 2008/09 to 2013/14

Source: Citizenship and Community Life surveys

Probably the best place to look for the volunteer’s perspective on employer-supported volunteering is in the 2007 national survey of volunteering and charitable giving (PDF, 825KB). Chapter 9 provides a good amount of detail on the experiences and behaviour of volunteers who take part in ESV schemes. 

Read CSV's Employee Volunteering report (PDF, 335KB) for a useful overview of some of the issues, challenges, and opportunities for volunteering in this country. 

Read the blog post ‘Bridging the gaps in employer-supported volunteering’ by Jon Burchell and Joanne Cook.

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