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Evaluation of the Volunteering in Care Homes project


NCVO has secured Department of Health funding for three years to pilot volunteering in care homes for older people. This project will work with a number of volunteer centres and care homes across the private, public and voluntary sector to enhance understanding of the role of volunteering in improving the quality of life and quality of care of residents and their families as well as exploring the challenges in growing and developing volunteering in this specialist setting.

IVR is evaluating the project and will monitor its progress over the three years
(April 2013 – March 2016).


IVR aims to undertake an evaluation of the project over its three years, designing and implementing the monitoring and data collection systems to explore:

  • volunteer involvement (numbers and range of activities)
  • quality of life outcomes for residents 
  • relatives' perceptions of the interventions
  • volunteers' experiences of working in this sector
  • staff experiences of volunteer involvement
  • staff and community perceptions of the link between home and community before and after volunteer engagement.


  • The evaluation will adopt a mixed methods approach including:
  • Collection of monitoring data based on IVR’s Volunteer Investment and Value Audit
  • Questionnaire surveys for all volunteers and participating care home staff (start and finish)
  • Telephone interviews with key staff in each volunteer centre and care home (start and finish)
  • In-depth case studies in five care homes including in-depth interviews with staff, volunteers, residents and relatives, collection of documentary materials and secondary data.

Download the proposal for more detailed information on the
evaluation methodology (PDF, 184KB).


Action Deadline
Achieve Social Care Research Ethics Committee approval March 2014
Year one report to Department of Health (unpublished) April 2014
Interim Evaluation Report February 2015
Year two report to Department of Health (unpublished) April 2015
Year three report to Department of Health (unpublished) April 2016
Final Evaluation report April 2016

Throughout the project we will be disseminating the emergent findings from the evaluation at a range of events including NCVO's learn and share events and research conferences.


The lead contact for this project is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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