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The Volunteering England archive: a modern history of volunteering in England

Officially launched on 18 April 2011, the Volunteering England Collection at the London School of Economics is a key resource for exploring the modern history of volunteering in England.

Volunteering England was created from a merger of three organisations in 2004: The Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering, the National Centre for Volunteering and Volunteer Development England. A fourth organisation, Student Volunteering England, merged with Volunteering England in 2007.

The archive, consisting of publications, reports and correspondence inherited from these mergers, offers unique insight into the development of volunteering in the UK and particularly into the relationship between government and the voluntary sector, the professionalization of volunteering and developments in volunteering infrastructure.

The Collection is made up of nine individual sections which cover different periods:

  • The Aves Commission, 1966-1969
  • Volunteer Centre UK
  • Strike Action and Volunteers
  • The Media Project
  • Volunteer Bureaux and Volunteer Development England
  • National Association of Voluntary Helper Organisers (NAVHO) and National Association of Voluntary Service Managers (NAVSM)
  • Home Office and Volunteering
  • Student Volunteering Collection
  • Voluntary Action History Society (founded in 1991)

Volunteering England will make additional deposits to the archives in the future, including materials relating to the Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering and the Commission on the Future of Volunteering (2008).

Accessing the archive

The Volunteering England Collection can be viewed at the LSE Archives located in the Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science, 10 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD.

The archives are open Monday to Thursday 10am – 8pm and Fridays 10am-5pm. The archives are open to the general public although visitors will need to present identification to gain admission to the library.

For more information visit the archive page on the LSE website

History of the archive

The Volunteering England Archive: an overview and historical background [PDF]

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