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What people say

‘The robust research from the Institute helped us understand the impact our volunteers were making through our services. This was invaluable for us.’
David Hounsell, Evidence and Impact Director, The Children’s Society

‘IVR provided a robust and independent evaluation of the outcomes from Join In 2013. We are delighted both with the results and the effectiveness of the process to get to them.’
Rebecca Birkbeck, CEO, Join In Trust

'IVR carried out a study of Third Sector activities by UCL staff, and did so with excellent design, implementation and reporting. I am very pleased with the quality of the work, attention to design of the research and its implementation.'
Muki Haklay, Senior Lecturer, UCL

‘We were particularly impressed at the way IVR embraced the notion of peer-led research and delivered this study which such commitment to quality, robustness, and also to the experiences of participants.’
David Owen, Research and Development Manager, National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement

‘We’ve really enjoyed working with IVR on this project. We’ve developed a strong working relationship and have really been able to use one’s expertise and contacts. The project delivered high quality outputs in accordance with the budget and really provided good value for money.’
Hannah Mitchell, Research Manager, v

'I found the whole process of working with IVR from initial discussions to final editing to be very collaborative and effective. It has robust systems for developing methodologies and recruiting effective research teams to deliver high quality data, analysis and reports. IVR shares the learning throughout the research project so that stakeholders can inform and feed into the development of the final report.’
Janet Fleming, Director of Knowledge Management, Skills, Third Sector

‘Our three-year evaluation, conducted by IVR, has helped the Diana Award organisation to make the necessary developments and through the year-by-year recommendations helped in defining its purpose and direction for its long-term sustainability.’
Maggie Turner, Director, Diana Award

‘IVR proved knowledgeable, informed about wider volunteering issues and passionate about the work.’
Kristina Glenn, Director, Cripplegate Foundation

‘Working with IVR was a pleasure. Their staff were friendly and professional, and the resulting research on volunteering for environmental organisations in North East England has been both informative and useful in developing the sector in the region.’
Tony Devos, Senior Project Manager, Natural England

‘IVR provided excellent consultancy services to Imperial College’s Volunteer Centre during our volunteering impact research project.’
Minna Ruohonen, Community Relations Manager, Imperial College

‘IVR were approachable, knowledgeable and most of all authoritative on the areas of work we have commissioned.’
Siân Sankey, Research Officer, Commission for the Compact

‘IVR showed a professionalism and expertise that helped us move forward from our in-house employee volunteering evaluation to conduct more rigorous research, measuring impacts on a number of different stakeholders. The findings and recommendations of this independent study will help inform the development of our volunteering programme.’
Barclays Bank PLC

‘[IVR] show a real commitment to improving volunteering in the environmental sector and have a wealth of experience to call upon in this area of work.’
Dot Isgrove, Communities Advisor, Natural England


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