Who gives time now Patterns of participation in volunteering

This research bulletin is one of a series published by the Institute for Volunteering Research to explore and disseminate aspects of Helping Out: a national survey of volunteering and charitable giving (2007). Helping Out was carried out by NatCen and the Institute for Volunteering Research, on behalf of the Office of the Third Sector. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews with 2,156 adults in England.

This bulletin provides data on levels of current formal volunteering (defined as having taken place within the previous 12 months), analysed by age, sex, ethnic origin, faith, employment status, and region. It also includes findings relating to people’s reasons for volunteering; benefits of and levels of satisfaction with volunteering; barriers to volunteering; how volunteering is organised; how volunteers are recruited; and areas in which they volunteer (e.g. education, religion, and sport).

Where possible, this bulletin compares findings from Helping Out and corresponding results from the National Survey of Volunteering conducted by the Institute for Volunteering Research in 1997. These comparisons suggest that there have been improvements in areas such as the organisation of volunteering, but that there are growing concerns about the levels of bureaucracy and the lack of differentiation between volunteering and paid work.

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