Managing for success - volunteers’ views on their involvement and support

This bulletin summarises findings from the ‘Helping Out’ study carried out in 2006-07. The ‘Helping Out’ study and report provided a new evidence base about people’s volunteering in England.

This bulletin highlights the provision of volunteer management and management practices. The bulletin compares regular with occasional volunteers and looks at difference in management according to the different types of activities volunteers perform.

The way volunteers are managed varies greatly. The most common form of management experienced by volunteers was access to someone within organisation they could turn to for advice and support. Most volunteers said they had access to advice and support.

Reflecting on volunteers’ experience of volunteer management on the whole most volunteers’ experience was positive with advice and support available for most volunteers. It seems most volunteers found written role descriptions bureaucratic and unnecessary. One finding was that the regularity of volunteering seemed to make a difference to how volunteers felt their volunteering was organised. The bulletin concludes that it appears that volunteers need to feel supported in subtle ways that are not overly bureaucratic.

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